Hotel Meierhof Triesen Liechtenstein
Hotel Meierhof Triesen Liechtenstein





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Arrival Hotel Meierhof Liechtenstein

Hotel Meierhof

Meierhofstrasse 15
9495 Triesen
Principality of Liechtenstein

Tel. +423 399 00 11

Arrival by car
from St. Gallen: 45 minutes (69 km)
from Zurich: 100 minutes (107 km)
from Feldkirch: 24 minutes (25 km)
from Innsbruck: 130 minutes(182 km)
from Munich: 140 minutes (241 km)

Free parking available in front of the Hotel Meierhof.

Arriving with public transport

The Hotel Meierhof is located directly to the “Meierhof” bus stop. The best way to plan your trip by train or bus is via SBB timetable. Should you only require bus services you will find the time table on (Route 21).

Timetable in real time: