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Hotel Meierhof Triesen Liechtenstein Seminar

Seminar at Hotel Meierhof in Liechtenstein

Are you looking for rooms for a seminar, meeting or presentation and at the same time need rooms for the participants?

We will gladly provide you with an individual package deal for the premises in connection with room bookings and meals.

Please contact us directly with your request

The following facilities are available:

Seating Table U-shaped Theatre
Seminar 1 16 22 40
Seminar 2 16 22 40
Seminar 1 + 2 34 40 80
Saal 2 x 10, 1 x 20 24 40
Stübli 10 0 0


Saal and Stübli: flipchart
Seminar 1 + 2: projector, screen, video/TV, flipchart

Bilder der Seminarräume